Core Massage and Bodywork for Men: Pelvis, Hips, Thighs, Low Back and Abdomen

"Hi Jeff! I just wanted to thank you so much for the time we spent together last Monday. It was revelatory and I can't wait to begin to explore the resources that you shared with me. [...] But I really want to encourage you to start teaching!"

"It's really quite amazing how powerful this work can be."

"Dear Jeff, I would like to sincerely convey some of the encouragement that I am getting from you and your work. The knowledge and technique you truly hold as skill is such a blessing. Thank you for your generous sharing. I don't know how it comes about, but I am continuing to be taught."

"You are incredibly knowledgeable and skilled both in your practice and in how you communicate and allow your clients to feel what they need rather than imposing your ideas into us. It's much appreciated.  I will be in touch with you in the future!"

"This is a tardy thank you for an edifying and enjoyable experience. That was wonderful! It was a pleasure meeting you and learning from you. I, one among many I'm sure, appreciate the depth of your knowledge and skill in conveying it. Thank you for your generosity and wisdom. Until [next time], I'll immerse myself in the readings and practices you've recommended."

"Incredibly informational, therapeutic, and professional."


Jeff Gibson photo Have you ever wished that you could find a bodyworker who was knowledgeable, skilled, comfortable, and experienced in working with your core and pelvic muscles? Have these areas been neglected or ignored when you've had bodywork in the past, even though that is where you've needed the most attention? Are you experiencing any tension, discomfort, pain, limitations, or dysfunction associated with these areas? Are you open to more sensory awareness, ease, integrity, and vitality in your core and pelvis?

I hear from countless men that many critical areas of their core have only been partially or minimally included—or more often, entirely left out—even after respectful requests to focus there. I have been investigating, researching, writing about, and most importantly, working with the core, pelvis, and pelvic floor as the primary focus of my bodywork practice for many years. These areas are richly rewarding to explore, engage, and address — for a wide variety of reasons as you'll see on subsequent pages of this website.

male muscle anatomy

My work is based on a strong foundation in core anatomy and function as well as a deep appreciation of the sensitivities, vulnerabilities, and concerns that are commonly associated with these areas. I have a clear respect for boundaries while being at ease with fully exploring and engaging all aspects of the core and pelvis to the degree that is appropriate for, and in agreement with, each client's goals and priorities.

While some areas of the core are commonly included in standard bodywork sessions — the low back, for example — others, such as the lower abdomen or pelvis, may be fully or partially left out or receive only limited, incomplete, or tentative treatment. Furthermore, the upper aspects of the inner thighs, the groin, the inguinal and pubic areas, and the pelvic floor muscles are usually off limits, viewed not only as a no-man's land but as a no-go zone. Should the client request work in these areas, they are often met with skepticism and suspicion at best, or may be told that their request is inappropriate or offensive. This is a lost opportunity and does a disservice to the many men who are open to exploring and experiencing these areas of their core in new ways and/or who wish to address various issues, conditions, discomfort, pain, or dysfunction they are experiencing in this region.

Read the following pages of this website for more information on all aspects of the body's core including the often overlooked or ignored pelvic floor component, as well as the many ways that sensitive and skilled core bodywork can be of benefit. In addition to the main text, the accompanying testimonials describe — in clients' own words — some of the many and diverse goals, effects, and benefits that core bodywork has helped them attain. Click on the Contact ‑ Rates tab in the menu bar for my location, contact information, rates, hours, directions, and a map. All appointments are made by phone, and be sure to note my cancellation policy before scheduling a session.

Call or email me if you have questions. I'd be happy to discuss your specific concerns, goals, my work, and how it may help.

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